Core Services HASL Provides


We work with and/or on your behalf to learn what your rights and responsibilities are. We also work within the community initiating activities to make changes that promote full inclusion for Seniors and People with disabilities in all facets of society.

Independent Living Skills

Training is provided to help you gain the skills that will enable you to live more independently. This may include budget management, nutrition, good grooming techniques, use of adaptive equipment, and how to access transportation systems.

Information and Referral

If you are in need of information regarding disability and/or non-disability related services, HASL can assist you. We partner with other organizations and agencies, and can make referrals if necessary.

Peer Mentoring

If you are a person who seeks support and advice about exploring options and solving problems in your life, we can help. Some of HASL's staff and volunteers are themselves People with disabilities.

Additional Services HASL Provides


HASL offers Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility consultations, on-site evaluations, and ADA design ideas.

Durable Medical Equipment Loan

HASL loans out wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, bath aids, and more to those in need.

Recreational and Social Programs

HASL, and Southern Oregon Wheelchair Sports and Recreation (SOWSR) organizes events for People with disabilities that include wheelchair sports events and camping and river trips.


A program that is individualized to help you get the most from your in-home services.  We can give you information about a variety of topics related to directing your in-home services.  There are some forms we call "tools" that can help you with hiring and managing HCWs.  We can work with you on skills such as interviewing prospective workers and communicating your needs, preferences and expectations.  We also cover emergency preparedness for aging and people with disabilities.

Work Incentive Network (WIN) Benefits Counseling

We have a certified WIN Information and Referral Specialist and Benefits Counselor on staff to assist you in learning how federal and state benefit programs may be affected by earned income from employment.

Youth In Transition

For Students with disabilities we provide assistance in your transition from school into the community, into the workforce, or into extended education.